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It’s a digital-first world out there.

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The automotive industry is moving faster than ever before. This new revolution in digital connectivity, electrification, autonomous vehicles and the growing sharing economy coupled with exponential growth in remote sales and customer data gathering are driving new user behaviors, channels and the need for scale across the entire automotive spectrum.

Thriving in this new-normal and navigating through the sea of solutions is no easy feat. TechFabric helps companies in the auto space take full advantage of the new digital-first landscape to transform, scale and put their businesses in the best possible position for growth.

Transformation across the entire automotive industry.


From retail sales to remarketing, we’re helping companies in all areas of auto to transform, grow, and thrive.

As digital transformation takes hold across the automotive industry, survival and growth depend on keeping pace. Understanding how to change, navigate and scale the new digital landscape is key to the future of any automotive company. That’s where TechFabric comes in.

Our breadth of experience in automotive gives us a truly holistic view of all aspects of the industry lifecycle. Our expert transformation teams help automotive companies take advantage of technology to develop new customer channels, shift to new platforms, migrate and launch new products, streamline operational processes and leverage the latest methodologies for intelligent change and growth.

Working with TechFabric is like adding on a full digital growth division to your company overnight. We partner with you and your teams to understand the immediate needs and long term vision and develop a strategic growth plan to maximize scalability and future-proof your business. No matter where you fall in the automotive chain, TechFabric gives you the teams, tools and know-how to stay ahead of the competition and be prepared to capitalize on whatever comes next.

We Drive Positive Change.

Get a Glimpse Into Our Holistic Approach and How We Help Our Partners and Clients Achieve Success Through Digital Transformation.

We’re Transforming Retail.

The fundamental shifts happening in the automotive retail ecosystem pose new challenges to companies in the space. In addition to responding to the rising demands of today’s consumers, OEMs and dealers need to prepare for more transformative changes that require a reimagining of what it means to be an auto retailer.​

A new way to buy a car.

Mod Car® retailers needed to change the way they sold and financed cars. With TechFabric as their transformation partner, CarFinance® was born. The portal provides a marketplace where dealers post inventory and customers browse, finance and buy. Customers are approved and receive multiple offers for their auto loan. Customers go to a single portal and complete the entire transaction from the comfort of home, while dealers get a fully white labeled solution to transform their dealership to a digital rooftop.​

We’re Transforming Vehicle Refinancing.

The digital revolution has made the pricing of cars more transparent and given borrowers instant access to multiple lenders and offers. Instead of accepting whatever rates dealers offer, which often include steep markups, buyers can negotiate their own terms now more than ever. Today’s lenders need a strong digital partner with the experience in automotive to develop an innovative strategy to stay ahead of the competition.​

Giving car owners flexible refinance options.

Building platform to refinance auto loans for our client allows borrowers to sign up and submit their refinancing application to multiple lenders - all in just a few clicks. Lenders receive leads and can instantly qualify the borrower and vehicle through connections to all relevant reports from credit to Carfax® to NADA®. Effectively acting as the new refinance CRM, loan consultants manage the entire process connecting with customers where they are and on any device. Our client transformed and saw a 500%+ increase in leads and 300% increase in lead-to-close ratio in the first 12 months alone.​

We’re Transforming Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales​.

Filling the market demand for better qualification, safety and reliability in pre-owned sales, TechFabric partnered with Blinker.com to develop a leading-edge solution. The brand’s proprietary e-commerce and digital loan origination system provides an end-to-end solution for anyone buying, selling, financing and refinancing cars, but that is just the beginning. Blinker’s model is built on ancillary post-sale add-ons and insurance products that provide greater value to the end-customer while generating multiple revenue streams.​

We’re Transforming Ancillary Automotive Products​.

Financial institutions are looking for ways to protect their loan portfolios and help borrowers protect their vehicle assets. Many of these enterprise providers are running legacy and/or outdated systems that underperform in today’s market. They turn to us to leverage our unique approach to reimagining and migrating existing software to develop experiences that increase revenue while trimming operational costs to maximize ROI.​

Optimizing Vehicle Protection for car owners.

Working with industry-leading providers like SWBC®, TechFabric is disrupting the ancillary products market by transforming platforms like Unity® into innovative sales experiences. The new web application and MACH architecture model mean a more streamlined user flow with improved sales drivers that result in Loan Officers processing more loans in less time with greater accuracy. Transformations like New Unity® maximize the experience and ROI for everyone in the chain from SWBC to their providers and to the end-customer, setting a new standard in the industry.​

We’re Transforming OEM Manufacturing and Parts​.

Parts makers and distributors need innovative solutions to manage, sell and track inventory and connect with buyers. Sticking to old business model and processes put industry suppliers at risk as buyers look for simpler, more integrated ways to source and purchase parts. There is disparity in the market - leading OEMs to transform in order to meet demand and thrive in the new digital landscape.​

Finding the right sensors, switches, and connectors.

Working with industry giants like Minebea Mitsumi®, we develop new strategies and solutions that lift and shift outdated systems and customer experiences into leading-edge, fully integrated ecosystems. For NMBTC®, Minebea Mitsumi’s distribution arm, we reimagined how the data warehouse connects and delivers content to the customer portal. Along with dynamic inventory management, our creatives developed an entirely new visualization system and inventory view more than doubling online leads in the first 3 months alone.​

We’re Transforming Repossession and Transportation.

No two asset recovery situations are the same and every vehicle repossession and transportation company has distinct needs and goals when it comes to reclaiming collateral. Ensuring every assignment is properly identified, located and the data getting into the agent’s hands is the key to success. Outdated systems simply cannot handle the needs of today’s lenders and repo agents, making it imperative companies are leveraging the latest tech and partners like TechFabric who understand transformation in the repossession and transportation space.​

Simplifying asset recovery solutions.

Upstream providers like Location Services® come to us to develop new platforms like VRM®. Vehicle Reporting Matrix (VRM) ingest assignments when borrowers default on auto loans. The advanced architecture breaks the old monolith paradigm to deliver unmatched performance and accuracy allowing repo companies to manage assignments and agents from end-to-end allowing users to process more than 10x the performance of any previous system.​

We’re Transforming Auctions and Repossessed Asset Disposition.

The pre-owned and used vehicle markets are bursting with digital disruption. Consumer buying behaviors are changing and both new and existing sellers are scrambling to meet demand and master the new playing field. Past models are no longer an option and companies are looking to partners like TechFabric to help them remain competitive and grow.​

Removing vehicle deficiency balances.

Credit Unions turn to CUAuctions® to resell reclaimed vehicles and CUAuctions turns to TechFabric to deliver an industry-leading auctions platform. Through CUAuctions white label program, Credit Unions can load up inventory and instantly launch their branded, fully integrated auction portal. Now the Credit Unions can turn inventory into revenue using CUAuctions SaaS platform and reach customers using advanced, built-in remarketing tools and buyers can pull it up and join from any mobile or desktop device.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR®) is making today’s repo industry more effective than ever before. With more than $900M at stake, lenders and insurance companies are tracking defaults and working with partners who can locate assets quickly and efficiently. Those repossession partners need the latest in LPR technology and integrated systems to give their agents the edge in finding and reclaiming assets.​

Vehicle verification made easy.

TechFabric LPR solutions handle thousands of assignments every day for the repo industry. We leverage the latest technology and our deep expertise in the automotive industry to streamline assignments, ensure the full vehicle profile is provided, ID vehicles quickly allowing repo agents to efficiently reclaim vehicles.​

The industry is buzzing with technological growth from vehicles to systems to software, but that is only a portion of the value of digital transformation.

Thousands of companies are optimizing and automating processes, leveraging cloud technology and reimagining existing software to change how they operate, generate revenue, scale their businesses and prepare for what comes next.

Transform Legacy Into Agility

Create New Customer Value Channels

Drive efficiencies in the core value chain across customers, partners, and suppliers. From financing to dealerships to aftermarket, utilize new technology and a digital-first approach to deliver value and increase ROI throughout the automotive supply chain.

Optimize & Automate Operational Processes

Reimagine, optimize, and automate processes from manufacturing to sales to service. Using Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to modernize, increase efficiency, enable greater scale, and lower production costs.

Revolutionize Infrastructure
& IT

Enabling agility and scalability often requires shifting the paradigm of the entire IT ecosystem. Moving to cloud technologies provides the foundation automotive businesses need to take full advantage of digital growth while providing new layers of security, connectivity and access.

Focus On Customer-Centric Design & Delivery

Fully Integrated Customer Experience

Interconnecting your ecosystem to develop robust customer portals is our speciality. Drive retention and growth through end-to-end digital services that deliver best-in-class, human-centric experiences and infrastructure that grows and scales with your business and customer base.

Transform the Rooftop Experience

Take advantage of technology and ever-expanding mobile landscape to elevate customer engagement. Deliver premier, individualized dealership experiences that travel with your customers on and off the lot and re-engage them throughout the ownership lifecycle and beyond.

Answer & Drive Consumer

Meet customer demand and capitalize on cross-industry trends that drive new behaviors and channels. Create fully integrated, user-centric experiences that drive loyalty. Market, sell, and service clients across all devices and meet your customers where they are.

Developing New Digital-First Business Models

Autonomous, Electric & Connected

Data is the new commodity in automotive, and our experts will show you how to fully capatalize on it. Create new functions and capabilities across engineering and deliver fully integrated, data-driven ecosystems that maximize customers’ “experience per mile”.

Digitally Enabled Services: Mobility & Beyond

Mobility is revolutionizing the automotive industry creating more accessible, user-centric experiences driven by modern technology. This is happening on both the B2C and B2B markets, and our mobility specialists understand how to create the right experiences for every audience.

Prepare for the Next Wave

Position your organization for whatever comes next. Learn from past events, new technologies, and emerging digital to help future-proof your business by increasing agility and your ability to adapt. Work with the transformation experts to build and optimize your ecosystem to gain market share and stay ahead of the competition.

Drive ROI Up and Operational Costs Down

When done right, digital transformation creates a virtuous circle of value for companies. TechFabric solutions increase revenue through expanded customer channels and enhanced experiences, while lowering costs by optimizing and automated processes for greater efficiency.


Average return our clients see for every $1 they invest


Faster time to market for new rollouts and releases


Increases in operational optimization & efficiency

See How We Are Helping Other Companies In the Automotive Space

Disrupting Auctions and Repossessed Asset Disposition

CUAuctions® is changing the way the repossession sector moves inventory by delivering an advanced auto auction platform that offers Credit Unions more resale options, flexibility, and revenue from repossessed vehicles. They aim to capture the CU market by generating higher returns and lower deficiency balances while providing a superior experience and value to CU members.

The Right Platform For Auto Refinance

The award-winning auto finance company set out to modernize its existing loan application process with the goal of increasing the depth of features, boost performance, and lower operations and maintenance costs.

“Speed to market is a cornerstone of how we service our customers, and TechFabric continuously delivers on time. They just get it.”

— CUAuctions

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