Experience Design

Lead don’t follow. Create experiences that eclipse the competition and move you to the front of the market.

Experiences that Drive Growth

Human-Centric, Design-Thinking
It's more than a methodology; it's a compass leading us to create memorable digital experiences. We dive into users' worlds, understanding their aspirations and challenges to shape practical, iterative processes of ideation, prototyping, and testing resulting in a user-friendly, effective end product.
Exceed Customer Expectations 
Your digital needs are evolving and so are the expectations of your users. It's time for a new approach that combines human-centric design with agile development and user feedback to deliver experiences that don’t just respond to audience needs, they lead them forward.
Drive Continuous Innovation
Rapidly iterate, evolve, and innovate with ongoing testing and real-time audience insights. Position digital experiences to continuously adapt, meet growing user demand, scale up value, and stay steps ahead of the competition.
case study - automotive/fin-tech

Reimagining Ancillary Products For Credit  Union Members

Increase in the amount of loans processed per month.
Technologies Used
Product Strategy • User Testing • UI/UX • Design Systems • Angular JS • .NET Core • C# • AWS • SQL Server • Backend Systems Support
Case Study

End-to-End Experience Development

Product & UX Strategy
Our leading teams give partner organizations the agility necessary to deliver better experiences faster. Our strategic, human-centric approach focuses on design thinking and a unique ability to uncover deep customer insights. Our product development & UX experts don’t just develop effective strategies, they leverage a proven process to co-innovate with internal teams, validate assumptions, and ensure we land in the customer sweet spot, even from the first iteration.
Experience Design & UX Enablement
Beyond powerful strategy is designing and delivering UX innovation at scale. Our cross-discipline product teams know how to drive real end-user value across all channels, rapidly. Leveraging our unique approach to design and front-end development, we're able to create and reimagine better experiences and deliver them with greater efficiency and better results.
UX Engineering & Design Systems
Specializing in leading-edge development approaches, UI frameworks, and design systems, our experience teams are breaking traditional barriers and revolutionizing UX. No more silos or bottlenecks between design and development, just faster time-to-market with front-end innovation, at scale.
Fully Integrated, Omnichannel Experiences
Deliver coordinated, cross-channel experiences with efficiency and ease. From unified responsive design to hybrid app development, our omnichannel specialists understand how to architect solutions that maximize experiences across all touchpoints. Reach your customers on their preferred channels while controlling costs and scaling ROI.
User Feedback & Insights
Before we design a single pixel or write a line of code, we’re engaging end-users to understand their aspirations and obstacles. Our digital experience teams have a unique ability to draw out user insights, balance them against business goals, and hone in on the areas and methods that drive the most value in every iteration.
Reimagining Legacy
When it’s time to modernize legacy applications, our teams specialize in turning outdated, fading digital products into fresh, category-leading experiences. Our proven process transforms interfaces, stops customer churn, and turns disengaged users back into brand advocates. No matter what the legacy challenge, our UX modernization teams can help.
Fully Managed Experiences
Not all organizations have the internal talent and horsepower to drive continuous product growth. That’s where our managed teams come in. We’ll oversee the entire product lifecycle from end-to-end ensuring your experiences are fully maintained, at the forefront of the market, and leagues ahead of the competition.

An Approach Designed to Innovate

Industry leaders rely on TechFabric to move their business forward with market-leading experiences. Our modern approach combines deep learning, iterative prototyping, and intensive customer feedback that generate tailored experiences that don't just drive customer adoption and retention, butchange customer mindsets and how they connect with businesses and brands.

Our proven process focuses on 6 key principles:
Empathize & Learn
Our teams begin by understanding and sharing the feelings and perspectives of end-users to see challenges and aspirations from their viewpoint. Combine these learnings with knowledge from business leaders and SMEs to fully inform the problem and potential solutions.
Clearly Define
Clearly articulate and document the problem based on user insights identified during the empathy stage. Confirm the problem, needs, and goals with end-users, the business, and internal SMEs to ensure all dependencies are accounted and solved for.
Ideate & Collaborate
We bring together experts from every area including strategy, architecture, UX design, front-and-backend engineers, andomnichannel specialists, and pair them with business leaders, SMEs, and internal teams to co-innovate, brainstorm, ideate to craft the optimal solutions that meet end-user and business goals and needs.
Prototype & Test
Rapidly develop prototypes to quickly test features and journeys to prove the direction and understand how end-users are intuitively interacting. Confirm initial architecture and data flows to ensure we are developing the right foundation for future growth.
Gather Feedback & Insights
Coordinate and run intensive, collaborative user feedback sessions with end-users on all sides. Translate feedback into actionable insights that guide and inform each iteration to hone in on the core areas that will deliver the most value.
Iterate Value & Scalability
Adapt quickly to market demands with shorter cycles. Fully develop design systems and frameworks, empowering agile engineering. Integrate new technologies for enhanced efficiency and end-user satisfaction.

In the top 5% of certified Azure and MS Dynamics 365 partners.

As a Gold Partner with Select status, we rank in the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally. Our certified teams specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform implementation.

Value You Can See, Feel, Touch...and Measure

Create Better Experiences
Fully integrating UX strategy and design thinking into development with modern design systems to enable rapid prototyping and delivery into customer sweet spots.
Maximize User Engagement & Loyalty
Frequent user feedback proves that we are building the right experience. End-users are validated seeing challenges decrease and ease-of-use increase, removing their desire to seek out alternatives and churn.
Drive UX Intelligence
Leverage UX innovation, new technologies, data integrations, AI/ML, and more to create fully connected, smarter experiences that anticipate user needs and behaviors.
Make Better Decisions With Data
Baked into every solution we build is both reporting and observability. Analyzing data helps us track user patterns and behaviors to gain the actionable insights we need while watching how the underlying infrastructure performs and reacts.
Adaptability & Future Proofing
Adaptability is crucial in today's fast-paced environment. Our teams craft solutions that evolve with shifting businesses and markets. Our cloud-based approach addresses current challenges and scales for future readiness.
Increased Efficiency
Remove traditional silos between strategy, design, and development and use a modern approach that enables UX, UI, and front-end to operate seamlessly and move faster.
Cost Control & Optimization
Greater efficiency means spending less and getting more. Our unique approach is designed to remove blockers to rapid development and gather the feedback we need to ensure we’re building the right experience for the right audience, every time.
Stay Ahead Of The Market
Move your products, platforms, and experiences leaps ahead of the competition using our innovative development approach. Turn outmoded legacy applications into category-leading experiences that reengage and reinvigorate.

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