Durable Execution with Temporal

Keep your application data intact. With Temporal’s durable execution framework, applications auto-recover ensuring maximum uptime without intervention.

Stop Sweating Downtime, Build Invincible Apps

Maximize Resiliency & Auto-Recover
Temporal’s resiliency frameworks give TechFabric a secret weapon—durable execution—which guarantees our code runs to completion no matter what. The result? Your applications become bulletproof, faster to develop, and easier to support.
Streamline Dev, Ship Features Faster
Eliminate recovery logic, callbacks, and timers from your code so your teams spend more time building and shipping features. With Temporal’s durable execution framework and our expert implementation specialists, developers stay focused on what they do best.
Gain Total Visibility into Execution
Stop chasing tails to find errors and bugs when applications fail. Durable execution provides total observability allowing development teams to instantly home in on the source of errors, cutting resolution time, and costs, exponentially.

End-to-End Resiliency Solutions with Temporal

Workflow Orchestration
Temporal’s durable execution framework allows our specialists to simplify workflow orchestration within your distributed systems and long-running processes. In collaboration with your teams, we remove the complexities around workflow management so developers can focus on defining and implementing core business logic.
State Management
Simplify state management and preserve your application's vital data and progress. No matter the challenges, our resiliency experts ensure your critical information remains intact, with uninterrupted performance, even during system failures or restarts. We’ll show you how to maximize reliability with our cutting-edge state management capabilities.
Fault Tolerance
Create applications you can always rely on. Ensure systems withstand failures without compromising data integrity or completion of tasks. From automatic error detection to full process rehydration, our specialists will walk you through all the necessary configurations within the Temporal framework to deliver continuous operation across all your applications.
Task Scheduling
Maximize throughput, minimize latency, and maintain consistent performance by intelligently distributing tasks across available resources. Crush inefficiencies and increase reliability with the expert guidance your teams need to implement and configure with confidence.
Monitoring & Logging
Together, monitoring and logging gives you visibility into the inner workings of durable systems, empowering teams to proactively manage application performance, troubleshoot problems effectively, and ensure critical business processes continue to run seamlessly.
Scalability & Optimization
Temporal’s durable execution framework can effectively handle the complexities of large-scale distributed applications, adapt to changing workloads, and deliver consistent performance and reliability, even under high-demand conditions. Position your organization to grow and innovate with confidence, knowing your applications can scale and evolve efficiently.
Working with our security specialists and Temporal’s durable framework means you are fully secure. Workflow and activities are deployed as part of your application, on your infrastructure and all connections from your app to the resiliency service are unidirectional so you never need to open up the firewall. All communications are fully secure and your data is encrypted within your app, with your encryption library and keys so our framework never needs to access your data in clear text.
Integration & Compatibility
Gain the power of durability, reliability, and scalability while seamlessly integrating Temporal with your existing software infrastructure. Our resiliency experts understand how to adapt your specific technical requirements and preferences for a smooth transition to durable execution. Handle any environment or use case integrating durable execution across your entire digital ecosystem.

Accelerate Growth & Innovation

Creating resilient applications isn’t just leveraging a new framework like Temporal, it is a cultural shift in thinking and development. This is why you want to work with an implementation partner like TechFabric. Our modern approach delivers more than best-in-class technologies, we show internal teams how to adopt a new way of developing while training them to take advantage of everything durable execution has to offer.
Assess, Strategize & Solution
Our approach begins with a deep, but rapid, investigation of your current applications and systems to understand the implementation opportunities and expected results. We layer on your needs, goals, and unique workflows to create a strategy to implement Temporal’s durable frameworks and put you on the path to total reliability, and a good night’s sleep.
Collaborate & Co-Innovate
Durable execution cannot be done in a vacuum, it requires effective collaboration and solutioning with internal teams. Our resiliency specialists work with your teams to fully understand your applications, workflows, and development patterns to create, implement, and optimize strategies designed specifically for your unique needs while bulletproofing your applications.
Implement, Integrate, Test
With a fully baked strategy in hand, we integrate Temporal’s advanced framework seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and applications. Working in tandem with your teams, our resiliency experts will walk you through each implementation step, ensuring all areas are fully tested, resolved, and functioning to all expectations.
Release, Monitor & Optimize
Implementation is just the beginning. Upon releasing Temporal into your ecosystem, we are consistently monitoring the deployment and measuring performance. Based on our collective findings, we continue to optimize to tailor tightly your users, applications and workflow patterns to ensure peak performance at all times, in all scenarios.
Ongoing Training & Support
Your dedicated TechFabric team is always ready to support you, and as a premium Temporal partner, we have instant access to all their resources as well. Our experts are there when you need them to provide the guidance, hands-on training, development assistance, and ongoing support your organization needs to maintain and scale your durable solutions.  

In the top 5% of certified Azure and MS Dynamics 365 partners.

As a Gold Partner with Select status, we rank in the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally. Our certified teams specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform implementation.

Value We Deliver

Faster Development with Temporal
Reduce development time, accelerate deployments, get to market faster, and achieve better results. Focus your dev teams on what they do best by implementing and optimizing your durable execution frameworks.
Innovate More, Faster
We’ll show you how to remove the noise of traditional SDLC cycles to gain maximum efficiency to put the focus on innovation, not refactoring.
Level Up Your Teams
Engage a true partner who will introduce your teams to leading-edge development models and provide the support they need to evolve and grow into rapid innovation.
Create Better Experiences
Fully integrating durable execution frameworks like Temporal means customers get consistent experiences that meet expectations and don’t leave them hanging with unprocessed requests.  
Increased Efficiency
Agile experts, using a modern dev approach, resiliency frameworks, automated tools, cloud services, and design thinking culture to build scalable applications and experiences rapidly.
Enhanced Security
We’re heavily invested in security – From infrastructure monitoring to access controls, data encryption to threat detection, our DevSecOps specialists are always on guard.
Cost Control & Optimization
Let us show you pathways to controlling costs, gaining efficiency, and optimizing processes to allow your organization to grow and scale with confidence.
Scalability, Resiliency & Reliability
Every application we develop is mission-critical and designed to be resilient, flexible, scalable, and fully secure. Our partners depend on it.

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