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For financial institutions, SWBC provides auto, mortgage, and commercial loan portfolio management, consumer lending services, fee income generation, real estate lending, insurance programs, and investment services.

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SWBC sought to enhance its auto insurance platform for an improved user experience.
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Re-imaging the user experience and re-platforming the application.
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Co-created a transformative platform based on customer service data & feedback.
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The new platform boosted speed, accuracy, and sales, leading to account growth.`
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Re-imagine A Platform Module

SWBC’s Unity Platform supports credit unions in providing quality ancillary insurance products to members during the vehicle financing process. Renamed LOSExpress, the web application allows loan officers to configure products, get rates, provide quotes and ultimately book and integrate vehicle protection products with the member’s auto financing.
Our task was to reimagine the user experience, modernize the UI, and re-engineer the front-end to streamline all workflows, cut processing time, increase usability, and reduce user onboarding, and training time.
Key Areas To Remedy:
Outdated Interface & Codebase
Poor Usability and User Experience
Performance & Latency Issues
Unnecessarily Complex Workflows
Excessive User Interactions
Low code integration support (e.g. Power Automate)
Greater efficiency & lower cost of ownership

Overhaul The UX, Design & Architecture

We redesigned one of the platform modules as a single-page application and workflow with modern user experience and design language to remove identified barriers and provide:
Faster end-to-end product order processing
Reduction in “Click-Through” increasing user efficiencies
Minimized Loan Officer onboarding and training time
Increased data visibility and additional vehicle information
Alerts and notifications to ensure accuracy and user awareness
Single Source
Access to ancillary support info and resources from one location
Modern UI
New Design System to insulate account protection

A Scalable Design System &  Simple Workflows

TechFabric created a unified "Design System" that all future development can follow to create consistency across all of their digital touchpoints.
A design system is a collection of repeatable components and a set of standards guiding the use of those components.
Design systems change the pace of innovation by empowering front-end developers to deliver UI solutions independently based on pre-defined standards.
Advantages to SWBC
Single source of truth for UI
Greater development efficiency
Lessons team dependencies
Maintain UI & Brand standards 
Promotes agile workflow (limits waterfall)
Lowers overall design costs

Booking Products Now As Easy As 1... 2... 3...

Step 1

Launched from the Loan Origination System (LOS) at the credit union level, LOSExpress pulls in the necessary data including vehicle info, years of ownership, etc.

This allows LOSExpress to fetch rates, and available products and display them along with tools to fully configure the quote. Simultaneously, the new Express module pulls in rules, documents, and other account-specific preferences from the SWBC account admin API, making them available to the Loan Officer during the process.

Step 1

Step 2

Once configured, the loan officer continues to the Review page to view the final quote. Here they can confirm all information with the member (buyer) and/or make changes. Changes can be made directly on the review screen or the LO can return to the previous screen if necessary.

The single-page, API-driven architecture and lightweight UI reduce processing time on both front and back making LOSExpress as fast as it is easy-to-use.

Step 2

Step 3

After confirming the quote, the LO can book the products and generate the contracts for the member. All resulting documentation is returned to the originating LOS system at the credit union ready for final e-signatures.

Step 3
Project ROI
Optimized Efficiency
In the previous legacy version, Loan Officers had double the interactions with less flexibility and sluggish performance increasing the processing time for each quote and booking. With LOSExpress, we’ve cut processing time in half, doubling the amount of bookings and revenue for credit unions.
Beyond Modernization
Our mission was to enhance customer application value through streamlined bundles, reducing interaction time and boosting revenue. We strategized preset packages, and our collaboration with SWBC enabled account customization, benefiting customers, members, credit unions, and SWBC's sales teams.

User Feedback At The Enterprise Level

We introduced a unique approach to SWBC, incorporating customer feedback loops into our process. Unlike their previous informal post-launch feedback system, we gather both internal and external feedback during the UX strategy stage. This method informs UX, design, architecture, and development, combining lean methodologies with design thinking, UX enablement, and scalability.
Step 4

Early Stage Metrics

Shortly after rolling out the new platform to existing accounts, SWBC reached out to a few credit unions that were past clients but switched to alternative solutions within the market. After demoing the new Unity platform to these past clients they were so impressed and recognized the new value behind the performance, user experience, and overall efficiency gains they could benefit from.
Increase in orders processed and sold within 30 days of release
Growth in SWBC Accounts within 60 days of launching new platform
Reduction in ancillary product order time per Loan Officer resulting in 2x bookings

What the client had to say about the project:

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Ryan Laos
“What sets their work apart is their strong understanding of our business objectives and customer needs, which were reflected in their designs. They presented innovative ideas to improve the functionality of our product, without compromising the aesthetic appeal.”
key takeaway

Good Work Speaks For Itself

After a very successful product launch, word traveled fast at SWBC and other division leaders caught wind of how it was driving revenue growth. SWBC was so pleased with our technology partnership that it has sparked other digital transformation initiatives across other divisions.

Let’s build something amazing.

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