AI & ML Solutions

Transform your data, open endless possibilities and unlock its full potential to drive growth.

Unleash Business Intelligence

Drive Real Innovation
Leverage artificial intelligence & machine learning services and drive innovation and data intelligence to automate processes, strengthen customer relations, gain greater visibility, and future-proof your business to stay relevant as market and customer needs continue to evolve.
Discover Deep Insights & Trends
Using advanced data science and AI, organizations find hidden value - discovering unknown insights, detecting error patterns, and identifying correlations inside their data that revolutionize business models, operations, customer experiences and dramatically scale ROI.
Gain Flexibility & Forecast Ahead
Without the right data intelligence and ability to forecast and predict, it’s difficult for any organization to plan and navigate. AI & ML automate data analysis to give the necessary visibility and flexibility necessary for business to adapt and change and stay a step ahead.

End-to-End AI & ML Solutions

AI & ML Strategy & Consulting
Our leading teams design and develop strategies that give partner organizations the ability to deliver greater intelligence faster. Our AI and ML specialists analyze data and digital ecosystems against business needs and goals to chart a path. Leveraging and implementing the latest AI/ML models, we provide the insights and adaptability today’s modern businesses need to empower growth.
Data Science & Support
Our data experts build industry-centric data science solutions that drive informed decision-making, streamline operations, eliminate manual processes, increase security, enhance customer experience, and more. We provide the strategic and tactical guidance to help you analyze, transform, and shape your data for readiness and accuracy of AI & ML models.
Generative AI and Large Language Models
Automate, optimize, and redefine business processes with generative AI. Unlike traditional AI, which relies on predefined rules and structured data, generative AI generates content by learning patterns and features from vast datasets. From advanced chatbots to platform automation to code generation, our generative AI solutions unlock the value of data, bridge the gap between human intelligence and technology, and power decision-making for sustainable growth.
Predictive Models
Apply predictive analytics to your business to forecast future outcomes accurately, make better choices, and seize opportunities with confidence. Our AI & ML experts give organizations the visibility to accurately forecast demand, optimize supply chains, control customer churn and gain the insights and flexibility to adapt and change.
Natural Language Processing
We're processing and transforming the unstructured data found in speech, documents, databases (and more) into readable data and for analysis and actionable insights. At TechFabric, we’ve been helping our customers find the needle in the unstructured haystack, pulling insights from text, voice, audio, image, and speech to inform operational & strategic decision-making. No matter what the use case or challenge, we provide expert NLP strategy & execution services that empower customers to extract insights and gain the intelligence to step ahead of the competition.
IoT & Robotic Automation
AI is changing RPA by adding cognitive capabilities, predictive analytics, and adaptability and we're evolving right along with it. Our specialists combine RPA and AI to redefine Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). Using IPA, we transform business operations, increase efficiency, enhance responsiveness, and handle increasingly complex and dynamic tasks. From smart manufacturing to inventory management to autonomous vehicles, our teams show organizations how to fully leverage IPA to revolutionize their business.
Enhanced Recommendation Engines
Leverage existing customer data to enhance experiences and drive sales growth with our AI and ML engines. Our expert teams have been building and optimizing algorithms that drive dynamic recommendations, increase revenue per customer, and dramatically elevate user experiences even before AI. From pre-to-post purchase, gain the advantage today’s organizations need to drive real customer satisfaction while edging out the competition.

Our Development Approach

The AI revolution is reshaping data and enabling business to gain intelligence like never before. At TechFabric, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions help businesses harness the full potential of their data. Our dedicated teams of data scientists, AI/ML engineers, and analysts develop and implement strategies that make data work harder and business achieve greater goals.

Whether it's optimizing data strategy, building custom AI/ML models, or leveraging predictive analytics, our experts will guide you through the process using a proven approach designed to transform, innovate and scale.
Understand Goals & Challenges
Our process starts with comprehensive learning. We understand the business landscape, immediate needs, goals, and aspirations. Collaborating with internal teams, we gather the knowledge and data to tailor our solution and plan for scalability.
Analyze & Prepare Data
The next step is to deep dive into data. From identifying sources and availability to exploring and analyzing data sets to preparing and transforming data, our experts take a 360-degree view of your data universe to fully prepare for future modeling.
Strategize & Develop Models
Armed with visibility into business goals and data, we move into developing diverse models to create the right AI and ML strategy. We quickly test and measure alternate models to assess performance and which direction will provide the desired results.
POC & Prototype
Rapid prototyping with expert AI/ML teams is where we bring it to life. Working in rapid agile cycles, our specialists develop, test and demo early-stage prototypes allowing us to quickly prove out the models or show us where the solution needs to be optimized before developing any significant code.
Architect & Design
Leveraging our prototype and POC results, we have the data necessary to architect the full solution, solidify the models and algorithms, develop integration pathways and data flows, and design the complete plan to implement with flexibility and scale.
Implementation & Roll-Out
At this stage we have fully analyzed and transformed the data, built out the complete AI/ML models, tested end-to-end, and are ready to deploy. With our solution now achieving early-stage results, we ensure all areas are documented and begin to optimize to continuously achieve even greater outcomes.
Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization
Design, development, and deployment are just the start. The true value of AI and ML lies in ongoing optimization. We constantly enhance accuracy and performance as we identify optimization opportunities. Simultaneously, improving the environment provides us with more tools to monitor and optimize output while managing costs.

One of 5% of certified Azure and MS Dynamics 365 implementation partners.

As a Gold Partner with select status, we rank in the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally. Our certified teams specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Microsoft Power Platform

Value Far Beyond Code

Work With Data & AI Experts
Gain a true data innovation partner with the expertise and proven approach to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform your organization.
Make Data Work Harder
Maximize data's potential. Boost efficiency, enhance experiences, and uncover revenue with AI and ML models.
Unleash Business Insights & Trends
Gain the full visibility necessary to see patterns across the entire organization. Get valuable insights into trends and centralized dashboards and reporting you can action on.
Drive Product Innovation
Leverage trends and insights to continuously inform the business to better understand customer patterns and behaviors to deliver products and features tailored to their needs and goals.
Create Better User Experiences
AI and ML provide the insights and automation to leverage customer patterns and anticipate and adapt to their evolving needs.
Increase Accuracy & Efficiency
As technology experts, business, and industry SMEs we understand the relationship between business processes and data, and how to streamline ops and data accuracy.
Scalability, Resiliency & Reliability
Every application we develop is mission-critical and designed to be flexible, scalable, and fully secure. Our partners depend on it.

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