Front-End Development

Accelerate innovation and craft experiences that move you to the front of the market.

Deliver Leading-Edge Experiences

The Right Experience
Your digital needs are evolving and so are the expectations of your users. It's time for a more agile approach that combines product strategy, UX design, and front-end engineering to deliver experiences that hit user sweet spots and drive ROI from the first iteration. 
UX/UI at Scale
Front-end engineering and UX design co-innovating interfaces at scale. Design systems and custom component libraries enable front-end developers to rapidly develop and accelerate user feedback without the bottlenecks and loops of traditional design. 
Rapid Modernization
Powered by the flexibility of modern front-end architecture and UI frameworks, our teams swiftly transform legacy apps into category-leading, API-driven, scalable experiences that re-engage audiences and recapture market share.
case study - OEM Manufacturing & Distribution

CIOs/CMOs: In B2B eCommerce – User Experience (UX) is the Cornerstone to Successful Everything

Inbound B2B leads are up the first month post-launch
Design Thinking Methodology • UI/UX Design • Front-end Development • Back-end Development
Case Study

End-to-End Application Development

Strategy & Architecture
It's not just about coding; it’s having the right UX strategy and front-end development approach to deliver leading-edge experiences. From research to release, our front-end experts guide teams to solve complex problems and deliver tangible value that excites and engages end-users from their first interaction.
UX Engineering & Design Systems  
Specializing in leading-edge development approaches, UI frameworks, and design systems, our front-end teams are breaking traditional barriers and revolutionizing UX. No more silos or bottlenecks between design and development, just faster time-to-market with front-end innovation.
App Interface Development 
From single-page apps to cross-device delivery, our teams are experts in the latest architecture and development approaches. We develop interfaces that give organizations the flexibility to evolve and scale as needs change and customer demand grows.
APIs & Front-End Integration
Gone are the days of monolith applications. Modern interfaces depend on APIs and backend integration to deliver the performance, security, and versatility they need. Our integration experts design and develop the necessary connections to create powerful, seamless experiences that outperform and outpace the competition. 
User Feedback & Insights 
Before we design a single pixel or write a line of code, we’re engaging end-users to understand their aspirations and obstacles. Our product and UX teams have a unique ability to draw out user insights, balance them against business goals, and hone in on the areas and methods that drive the most value in every iteration.
Legacy Modernization 
When it’s time to modernize legacy applications, our teams specialize in turning outmoded, fading experiences into fresh, category-leading products. Our proven process transforms dated interfaces, stops customer churn, and turns disengaged users back into brand advocates. No matter what the legacy challenge is, our modernization teams can help.  

Our Development Approach

TechFabric offers more than just talented developers; it's a strategic partnership that translates your vision into tangible user value. Our methodology prioritizes rapid development cycles to promptly validate strategy and de-risk the approach. Unlike other front-end partners, our process is designed around user feedback enabling us to land in users' sweet spots, even in the first iteration.
Cross-Team Co-Innovation 
One of our guiding principles is to smash traditional silos and drive co-innovation. Co-innovation means our experts working together with business SMEs and internal teams to find and craft the best solutions based on all available knowledge. With TechFabric, you’re not just getting a crack development team, you're gaining an army of co-collaborators ready to show your teams a new approach.
Front-End Flexibility 
We focus on versatility when architecting front-end solutions. Our front-end teams don’t just focus on functionality, they look holistically across all customer, user, and business cases to plan and develop interfaces and experiences that solve today’s needs and have the flexibility and resilience to meet tomorrow’s.
Innovating UX at Scale 
Specializing in leading-edge development approaches, UI frameworks, and design systems, our front-end teams are breaking traditional barriers and revolutionizing UX. No more silos or bottlenecks between design and development, just faster time-to-market with front-end innovation, at scale.
Intensive User Testing & Feedback 
Capturing user feedback and turning it into actionable insights is core to our process and a big part of every application we develop. We show partners how to tap their customers and users to draw out their needs and aspirations, prioritize their goals, and leverage them to deliver value in every iteration.
Continuous Value Delivery 
Our approach is built around shorter value-to-market cycles that put organizations in the best possible position to meet changing customer and market demands.Simply put, our team doesn't focus only on features and deliverables, they put business and customer value first.

In the top 5% of certified Azure and MS Dynamics 365 partners.

As a Gold Partner with Select status, we rank in the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally. Our certified teams specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform implementation.

Value We Deliver

Create Better Experiences 
Leverage a modern approach that focuses on rapid development, intensive user feedback, and experts who understand how to deliver UX and UI at scale.
Innovate Faster
Combine expertise from all disciplines with the latest UI frameworks, design systems, and component libraries to innovate and iterate faster.
Solve UI Challenges
Working with business SMEs, users, customers, and development teams to truly understand the problem and craft solutions that elevate both the end-user experience and overall versatility.
Increased Efficiency
Highly agile, cross-functional front-end teams working seamlessly with client development teams to accelerate development and remove blockers.
Enhanced Flexibility
Architecture and tech stacks give organizations the flexibility they need to pivot and change without wasting time or blowing up budgets.
Better Performance
Front-end solutions developed by experts who understand UX/UI cannot just wow users with design, it has to deliver performance and scalability. 
Scalability, Resiliency & Reliability 
Each experience and application we create is designed for scalability, reliability, and complete security our partners can rely on.

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