Cloud Native App Development

Stable, Scalable, and Resilient. Modernize vital applications and position your organization for unlimited growth.

Develop Faster & Deliver More

Simplify Cloud Development
Partner with our experts to modernize and streamline your cloud-native application development. Reduce time-to-market and empower your organization to deliver scalable solutions that drive real growth. 
Exceed Customer Expectations 
Digital needs and user expectations are evolving. It's time for a more agile approach that combines product and UX strategy, design, cross-team development, and ongoing feedback to deliver engaging user experiences.
Increase Performance
We empower our partners to operate and scale with clarity and confidence. We help manage your cloud strategy, solutions, and growth to drive performance, control costs, reduce downtime, and ship better code faster.
case study - automotive

Doubling Auto Refi’s Without Adding Loan Consultants

Increase in the amount of loans processed per month.
Technologies Used
React JS • .NET Core • Service Fabric • CosmosDB
Case Study

End-to-End Application Development

Our leading teams design and develop strategies that give partner organizations the agility necessary to deliver faster. With flexible deployment across all clouds, our strategic approach positions businesses to maximize customer experiences while delivering stability, performance, and operational efficiency, at scale.
Cloud Application Development
Cloud-native applications deliver faster, increase scalability, simplify management, and reduce cost. From architecture to deployment to optimization, our cloud-native experts leverage containerization, microservices, automation, and DevOps allowing you to rapidly develop and innovate applications across your entire organization.
Implementation & Migration 
Modernize legacy applications and IT environments into optimized, distributed ecosystems. Our migration specialists work with businesses to accelerate cloud transformation, migrate systems and databases, increase security, lower costs, and implement the latest technologies to give our partners the tools for unlimited growth. 
Monitoring, Management & Support 
Ensure business continuity and maximum uptime to operate and grow as a modern, cloud-based organization. Stay focused on core business operations knowing your IT infrastructure and applications and fully monitored, managed, optimized, and ready to scale up and down as business demands and customer needs shift. 
Security, Risk Mitigation & Optimization  
Whether operating a single, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment, security should be the cornerstone of any cloud strategy. TechFabric’s cloud security experts help teams assess vulnerabilities, select and optimize the right tools, and ensure security controls are applied across the entire environment – whether it’s Azure, AWS, or Google.

Our Development Approach

Creating cloud-native applications isn’t just learning a new framework, it is a cultural shift in thinking and development. Our modern approach delivers more than best-in-class products, we show internal teams how to adopt and leverage a new approach. Working with our specialists, organizations, and dev teams to migrate and modernize to embrace:
Microservices Architecture
Streamline app development with Microservices—small, independent, and rapidly scalable. Faster updates, unbeatable agility, and a significant competitive edge. Our specialists ensure seamless integration for deployment flexibility and resilience without disruptions. 
Continuous Integration
Work with expert teams to unlock seamless, agile development with Continuous Integration (CI) in cloud-native applications. Elevate code quality, squash bugs, and fast-track feature releases with effortless integration of changes.
Continuous Delivery
Enhance cloud-native app development with ongoing, Continuous Delivery (CD). Rapid, automated deployments mean faster value-to-market cycles enabling teams to release better code more often. Reliability and scalability ensure a seamless user experience with no downtime.
Dev Ops 
Change how cloud-native development and operations teams collaborate. Our modern Dev Ops approach embraces seamless workflows with rapid development, testing, and deployment. With automation at its core, our DevOps framework reduces errors and ensures every release is consistent and reliable.
Keep the focus on writing code without the burden of managing servers and infrastructure. Serverless allows organizations to automatically scale to meet demand.  By optimizing application resources during spikes, we control costs and reduce operational complexities while delivering better customer experiences.

In the top 5% of certified Azure and MS Dynamics 365 partners.

As a Gold Partner with Select status, we rank in the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally. Our certified teams specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform implementation.

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Value Far Beyond Code

Faster Development
Reduce development time, speed up deployments, get to market faster, and see better results.
Innovate More
Leveraging cloud-native expertise to enable new technologies, integrate AI/ML, and transform your data to innovate past the competition. 
Create Better Experiences 
Fully integrating UX strategy and design thinking into development with modern design systems to enable rapid prototyping and delivery into customer sweet spots.
Increased Efficiency
Agile experts use a modern dev approach, automated tools, cloud services, and a design thinking culture to build scalable applications rapidly. 
Enhanced Security
We’re heavily invested in security – From infrastructure monitoring to access controls, data encryption to threat detection, our DevSecOps specialists are always on guard.
Cost Control & Optimization
Infrastructure specialists configure, monitor, and test cloud instances to throttle resources and ensure costs are fully optimized.
Scalability, Resiliency & Reliability 
Every application we develop is mission-critical and designed to be flexible, scalable, and fully secure. Our partners depend on it.

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