Intelligent Data Platforms

Data-driven decision-making is a cornerstone of every modern business strategy. Is your data reaching its full potential?

Get More Out of Your Data

Simplify Data Management
Data can be complex and without a solid strategy, organizations cannot realize its full potential. Moving to a modern data warehouse streamlines management and simplifies operations while providing the automation and rich insights businesses need for ongoing growth. 
Automate & Scale 
The inability to automate data makes scaling operations almost impossible and allows competitors to move faster. With an adynamic data warehouse, blockers are removed, processes are automated, and businesses are liberated to rapidly scale beyond the competition.
Monetize Insights
You've got a treasure trove of data at your disposal, but without a modern solution, its true value cannot be realized. Transforming data means scientists and analysts can develop dynamic reporting, leverage AI/ML, and provide the rich insights necessary to fully monetize and unleash the full potential of data.
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Embracing Digital Transformation Without Sacrificing Your Core

Backend Systems Support • Microsoft Power BI • Azure Cloud • Azure Data Factory • Azure Blob Storage • Snowflake Data Warehouse • Google Analytics • Lavarel PHP • Concrete CMS • Symfony Framework • Vue.JS • Postgres / MySQL • Epicor “P21” ERP • LeadSmart CRM • AWS
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End-to-End Data Platform Solutions

Robust & Secure Data Platforms
Our leading data teams design and develop platform-agnostic solutions that fully leverage and monetize data. With flexible deployment across all clouds, our data warehouse solutions position businesses to maximize insights and unlock new opportunities while delivering stability, performance, and efficiency, at scale.
Data Storage
The right data storage is often fundamental to the performance of data insights, and our teams have the expertise and know-how to develop custom solutions for complex environments. From data warehouses to data lakes across all cloud providers, we design and implement data storage systems that are reliable, resilient, and scale up in line with business growth.
Analysis, Strategy & Architecture
Think of a well-thought-out data strategy as a guiding star. What most organizations lack is a trusted data partner to guide them to it. Working collaboratively with the business, our data strategists, analysts, and architects craft strategies that transform challenges into automated, dynamic solutions with modern cloud architecture ready to adapt and support unlimited scale.
Data Processing
Our leading teams design and develop strategies that give partner organizations the agility necessary to deliver faster. With flexible deployment across all clouds, our solutions approach positions businesses to maximize customer experiences while delivering stability, performance, and operational efficiency, at scale.
Data Ingestion
Data ingestion is the first step towards enabling a modern data strategy. We integrate multiple data sources into a centralized platform and design and implement automated pipelines that can handle high volumes of real-time data. Our data specialists show our partners how to create a stable, robust, and secure foundation to ingest structured, and unstructured data and ready it for storage and processing.
Serving Data
Once data has been ingested, processed, and stored in the data warehouse, data serving comes into play. Our teams aren’t just data experts, they are analytics and experience experts working in collaboration to prepare data and implement the automation and reporting tools to leverage served data to the fullest.
Data Integrity & Security
Our multi-faceted approach to safeguarding sensitive data assets is second to none. From encryption to access controls, authentication, and auditing, our data security experts ensure data remains protected against unauthorized access, breaches, and tampering. Our data security teams work with internal IT managers to implement tightly integrated security measures assuring continuity and industry compliance to preserve the integrity of data and uphold the trust and reputation of the organization.

Our Approach to Data

Setting up a robust data platform for your business is a critical step in harnessing the power of data to drive informed decision-making. As certified data experts and certified Microsoft Gold Partners, TechFabric will show you a comprehensive approach to developing an intelligent data platform that is reliable, resilient, and scalable to adapt as needs evolve and change.
Discover Needs, Objectives & Usage
First and foremost, any good data strategy  needs to align with the organization's overall business needs and objectives. Gaining a deep understanding of the data ecosystem and discovering what the business aims to achieve is the compass that guides every decision in the process.
Analyze Data Quality, Systems & Processes
Data quality is paramount to gaining the right insights. No one understands this better than our data teams who work to fully analyze and document all data streams, systems, and the processes that drive them. We develop a streamlined plan that ensures 100% data quality and informs the overall data warehousing strategy.
Define Data Strategy & Governance
With business goals and complete data analysis in hand, our data leaders can develop a modern data strategy tailored fit to your organization's needs. From ingestion to storage, quality to security, we'll define and architect a strategy to create the foundation to solve for today and scale for future growth.
Integrate Data Sources
Integrating multiple data sources in modern data warehouse architecture is vital to creating a single, comprehensive hub. Our solutions converge all data sources together into a unified and centralized repository, making them ready for storage and available to other services including reporting, analytics, and AI/ML.
Develop Storage & Management
Working closely with your IT and business teams, we’ll define a flexible and scalable data storage solution that aligns with all goals, whether it's a data warehouse, data lake, or a combination of both. Our data experts prioritize data quality, security, and governance practices to ensure data accuracy, compliance, readiness, and availability.
Transform Data (ETL)
Our approach to modern data transformation (ETL -Extract, Transform, Load) is rooted in efficiency, flexibility, and data quality. We start by selecting, or developing, ETL tools that align with your specific needs, ready to handle diverse data sources and formats.  Finally, our data transformation experts automate your ETL workflows for ongoing integration, ensuring that quality data is always readily available.
Ensure Security & Access Control
Modern data security and access control hinges on proactive measures. First, we identify and classify your data assets and implement strong encryption, authentication, and authorization mechanisms to safeguard data in all its states. Our security experts regularly audit and monitor data access, setting up alerts for any suspicious activity,  fine-tune access controls, educate your team about security best practices, and encourage a culture of vigilance.
Define Data Catalog & Documentation
We start by capturing comprehensive metadata about the data stored, including data definitions, lineage, and contextual information. Our teams implement an intuitive interface for easy data discovery and ensure the catalog is regularly updated to reflect changes in the data landscape. Through transparency, accessibility, and data governance, our data teams create a well-defined catalog to effectively manage data.
Configure Analytics & Reporting
We take a strategic approach to reporting  defining clear objectives and the specific metrics and KPIs critical to your organization. We work closely with you to select the analytics and reporting tools that align with your goals, ensuring they integrate seamlessly. Our analysts design a data model that optimizes query performance and scalability and regularly monitor and fine-tune your reporting processes for efficiency and accuracy.
Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization
Business is always evolving and data growing. Our teams set up regular checks to detect anomalies or issues in data ingestion, processing, and access. Implementing automated data validation and quality checks at different stages, our data and systems specialists ensure the integrity and efficiency of your data. We proactively address any issues, ensure data accuracy, and keep all systems running smoothly.

In the top 5% of certified Azure and MS Dynamics 365 partners.

As a Gold Partner with Select status, we rank in the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally. Our certified teams specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform implementation.

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Value Beyond Code

Work with Data Experts
Working with TechFabric, you gain an army of data specialists to support every need and business goal.
Gain a Digital Partner, Mitigate Risk
With TechFabric as your data partner, you ensure you’ll gain the right solutions for your business and actionable insights you need for growth.
Gain the Visibility You Need
Move to a solution that delivers a holistic view of your entire organization and puts the actionable insights at your fingertips.
Real-Time Monitoring & Updates
Gain full control of your data ecosystem with enhanced observability and experts monitoring your data quality, security, and consistency at all times.
Faster Development
Reduce development time, accelerate deployments, get to market faster, and gain an edge on the competition.
Cost Control & Optimization
Infrastructure specialists configure, monitor, and test data platforms and cloud instances to throttle resources and ensure costs are fully optimized.
Scalability, Resiliency & Reliability
Every application we develop is mission-critical and designed to be flexible, scalable, and fully secure. Our partners depend on it.

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