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Location Services

The VRM Platform by Location Services is a highly scalable multi-tenant system used by many financial institutions to repossess, transport, remarket, or skip trace the vehicles they funded but defaulted by their customers.

Tech Stack & Solutions

Product Strategy
User Testing
Design Systems
Backend Systems Support
Angular JS
.NET Core
SQL Server
Build a new integrated platform for asset recovery.
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Automate process flows and reduce FTE Count.
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Create a new rules engine to automate assignment intake
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A significant increase in the recovery rate and revenue
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Re-imagine A Platform Module

Location Services needed to build and implement a new integrated platform for their asset recovery operations. Old infrastructure, legacy systems, and technical debt were the main factors driving the decision to digitally transform their systems and applications.
The KPIs for the project were based on the ability to automate process flows and reduce the FTE count. The key to VRM is using microservices and new technologies to automate “Assignment Intake”
Key Areas To Remedy:
Automate Process Flows
Reduce FTE Count
Replace Monolithic Tech w/ Micro-Services
Automate VRM's "Assignment Intake"

Build A Modern Repossession Engine

After using the “Design Thinking” methodology to empathize, define, and ideate through solutions, product owners and project stakeholders identified the need for an automated intake engine.
Key Areas To Remedy:
Data Validation
Debtor Of Record
Person Search
Lot Check
VIN Decode
Fee Check
Solution - Data

Formulate A New Data Platform

TechFabric Enterprise Architecture experts worked with the Location Services internal technology team to plan a move to the cloud that would completely transform how the organization operates and processes repossession orders and transport fulfillment.
Solution - Reporting

Power BI To the Rescue

TechFabric turned to powerful Microsoft technology to improve the reporting feature of the new VRM Pro platform. The automation and integration tackled many of the automation challenges.
Azure Cosmos DB
Next-Gen tech to address the data layer
Power BI Query
Visualization to transform objects into tabular form, create links & structures, calculate metrics, and aggregate data
Power BI Desktop
Publishing power with user-centric functionality and graphics
Power BI Service
Auto refreshing client reports based on schedules

Early Stage Metrics

Shortly after releasing the VRM Pro minimum viable product, Location Services saw immediate results and substantial efficiency gains. The Azure data platform proved to be the difference maker in the end. Subsequently, new features and enhancements have been in effect and are continuing to bring real value to the Location Services operations team.
Overall Financial Impact on Client Business
Increase in weekly assignments after 30 days
Increase in weekly recoveries after 30 days
Increase in weekly recoveries (By VIN) after 30 days

What the client had to say about the project.

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Client Product Owner
“Your team's digital transformation efforts have completely revolutionized our vehicle repossession business. We've experienced unprecedented efficiency gains, reduced operational costs, and a significant boost in recovery rates. It's like our business has been reborn in the digital age, and we couldn't be happier with the results.”
key takeaway

Good Work Speaks For Itself

With a sound Architecture, the platform was built to scale with multiple integrations allowing the business to grow their volume by 250% in 3 years.

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