Strategy & Innovation

Harness the full power of digital to transform your approach, find unexpected value, and uncover new opportunities across your entire organization.

Innovate Faster, Deliver More

Adopt A New Approach
Let our strategists show you a new approach to agile development to modernize your organization, level up your teams, and build a scalable ecosystem with the capabilities to unlock emerging opportunities and open new revenue streams.
Know Where You’re Going
Our co-innovative approach blends your teams’ deep industry knowledge with our expert digital strategists and architects to chart the right path for today while future-proofing your organization for whatever comes next.
Build A Foundation For Ongoing Growth
Scale up to meet any challenge. Our strategists will create the right plan that allows you to take full advantage of the cloud, modernize your infrastructure and applications, and position your organization for unlimited growth.
case study - automotive

The Intersection of Strategy & Solutioning: Transforming Reindeer Auto’s Logistics OMS

Reduced costs
Minimized errors, inconsistencies, and confusion leading to faster execution and reduced costs.
Streamlined operations
The new cloud-based system streamlined operations, reduced errors and allowed the fleet experts to focus on high-value tasks.
Case Study
Reindeer Auto Dashboard

End-to-End Digital Strategy & Solutions

Cloud Enablement Strategy
From Infrastructure to Software-as-a-Service, our transformation teams, cloud architects and business analysts know how to leverage the scale, elasticity, resiliency, and flexibility the cloud provides. TechFabric develops across all cloud-native areas and will work with you to develop an implementation plan that fully positions your business for scale.
Digital Product Strategy
Best-in-class software requires a lot more than just great developers, it requires asking the right questions and expert strategists who understand how to define the right product and go-to-market strategy for the business and its customers. There’s no room for guesswork in strategic product development.
Digital Experience Strategy
Creating highly engaging user experiences that drive adoption is core to success and where many companies and teams falter. Companies are learning that UX strategies must take center stage; TechFabric’s customer-centric, co-innovation approach delivers leading-edge experiences that drive real customer conversion, retention, and ROI at scale.
Data Intelligence & Management Strategy
If it’s time to rethink how your business is capitalizing on your competitive advantage (aka your data); TechFabric data experts can work with you to re-architect your data management strategy to deliver the performance, security, automation, and visibility necessary to drive more strategic decisions across your entire ecosystem.
DevOps & SecOps Strategies
Often neglected, DevOps & SecOps strategies can make or break any software release. Ensuring high-performing usability and adoption depends on a solid strategy that encompasses full release management and security throughout the process. The TechFabric DevOps & SecOps teams can help you transform your release cycles, ensure security and create seamless experiences for all users.
Agile Process Strategy
We don’t just focus on business and technology strategy, we also work with our clients to introduce a more refined development approach. Our agile experts show internal teams a stronger process that focuses on streamlining development operations and increasing efficiency to deliver tangible value end-users truly feel, with every release.
Operations Optimization Strategy
Our operational strategists bring a 360-degree view across operations and supply chain management and have helped organizations like yours find the hidden ROI buried inside operational inefficiencies throughout the business.

Our Strategic Approach

Wherever you are on your digital journey, our human-centered, strategic approach to transformation and innovation is designed to drive value, growth, and scale. We work in partnership with you to fully assess your aspirations, goals, and challenges from different perspectives – business, architecture, design, data, automation, applications, and infrastructure – to remove existing blockers, pinpoint emerging opportunities, find unexpected value, and create new growth by harnessing the full power of digital.

We’ve helped a multitude of companies from enterprise to mid-market to build strategies that drive customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty while enhancing revenue streams and operational efficiency using our innovative approach.
Learn, Discover & Document
A solid growth strategy cannot be cookie-cutter. Our approach begins with your organization and deep learning to understand your model, culture, customers, gaps, and what truly differentiates you from the competition. Our discovery specialists capture, document, and develop the flows and models to begin to shape the digital strategy custom-fit to create the right foundation for ongoing growth and scale.
Understanding Needs & Goals
Working rapidly from our initial discovery and closely with internal teams, we fully define the current, or “as-is” state including today’s needs, challenges, and immediate goals. Mapping to a scalable future state, we co-innovate a strategic digital roadmap to overcome both short-term blockers and aspirational goals to transform your organization and drive sustainable growth.
Profiling Audiences & Users
Understanding the users we are developing for is a cornerstone of all our digital strategies. From customers to members to internal operators, we heavily engage end-users far beyond traditional personas to profile and create ongoing feedback loops. This approach allows us to provide value they can see and feel, and land directly in their sweet spot from the first release.
Mapping Technology & Architecture
No two organizations or tech stacks are the same, and mapping the right technology to meet both business and end-user goals is no easy task. Working across so many different environments, our architects have the know-how to guide the process of develop environments and frameworks that provide the security, flexibility, and resilience today’s organizations need to efficiently scale.
Validate & De-Risk
We don't discard code carelessly. We meticulously validate and strategically position every concept, feature, and release for success. Our focus is on delivering immediate value, not just hoping for it. This approach is ingrained in all our teams - understanding the value we provide, rapidly validating assumptions, and ensuring scalable adoption, engagement, and efficacy.

In the top 5% of certified Azure and MS Dynamics 365 partners.

As a Gold Partner with Select status, we rank in the top 5% of Microsoft partners globally. Our certified teams specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power Platform implementation.

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Value Far Beyond Design & Development

Better Results, Faster
Human-centric design, agile strategy, and innovative approach allow us to move quickly to develop more highly targeted products and applications while reducing time-to-market.
Drive Immediate Value
We focus on curing immediate pain points and rapidly delivering tangible value you and your customers can see, feel, touch...and measure.
Solve for Today, Scale for Tomorrow
Our teams architect and develop strategies that solve for today but prepare for tomorrow. We give organizations the flexibility they need to streamline current operations while creating the right foundation for ongoing growth.
Gain an Army of Experts
When you partner with us, you are not just gaining a crack team of specialists, you are gaining access to an army of experts there to support you no matter what challenges arise.
Innovate Faster
Smart strategy and risk mitigation drive innovation. Our leading-edge teams accelerate innovation, setting you ahead of competitors.
Level Up Your Team
We're not ordinary developers. Our agile experts merge seamlessly with your teams, extending their capabilities and accelerating digital development.
A Trusted Partner
We're in for the long haul, and our approach demonstrates it. Our teams aim to be trusted advisors, sharing their skills and knowledge openly, no matter the challenge.

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Discover why companies turn to TechFabric to drive digital growth -- learn how we team up, collaborate, and co-innovate with our clients to surpass goals, scale real business value and, achieve second-to-none results.
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