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Automotive Innovation Center Accelerates Digital Transformation

At API World today in San Jose, California where TechFabric is exhibiting, we’re announcing an Automotive Innovation Center within TechFabric, established to help sellers across the automotive and fintech industries accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

Having worked extensively with clients in the Automotive and Fintech industries, TechFabric has built integrations with hundreds of third parties including LOS providers, refinance lead sources, credit bureaus, NADA, Speed Ship, Ring Central, Twilio etc.  Drawing upon their experience in building applications in Automotive, TechFabric created a unique component-driven framework called Auto Fabric with various modules frequently used by companies in the Automotive and FinTech Industries.  Leveraging the Auto Fabric framework to build Line of Business applications can significantly reduce the time it takes to bring an application to market while guaranteeing the safety, security and robustness of the overall solution.

Microservices (APIs) are emerging as the most strategic method of achieving speed and operational efficiency in application development and are fast becoming the backbone of today’s modern enterprise systems. APIs allow organizations to unlock their business value by giving partners access to data and capabilities at scale.

Automotive Technology Sphere

The convergence of automotive and fintech has resulted in what we at TechFabric consider amazing opportunities to create compelling, newly streamlined user experiences that will drive the new rules of success for lenders, manufacturers, aggregators and other providers in the automotive and fintech markets. The ripple effect created by the efficiencies of an API-led approach can result in growing revenues, increased customer satisfaction and the ability to do things which were previously un-achievable.

The Automotive Innovation Center focuses on building collaborative processes and integrations with partners to explore and co-create novel experiences for end users by leveraging the power of cloud infrastructure and automation so customers can achieve their business goals more quickly and with a high rate of return.

If you are at API World this week, come see us at booth #111 where we’ll be distributing our new white paper Microservices are Changing how the World does Business – for Good. If you’re not attending, no worries, you can download the new white paper here.

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