Discover how we leverage these partnerships to accelerate innovation, drive security, and provide unparalleled value across all our technology solutions.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a trusted partner of Microsoft, we are deeply integrated within their expansive ecosystem, leveraging it to the fullest to accelerate development, drive top-tier security and pioneer innovative new technology solutions.
Our Azure cloud expertise enables us to harness the full power of Microsoft's advanced cloud infrastructure, delivering scalable, secure, and high-performance solutions that drive measurable business growth and efficiency. Whether it's developing scalable web applications, implementing AI-driven solutions, or migrating to the cloud, our team of experts leverages our Microsoft partnership and Azure proficiency to provide unparalleled value and success across all our.
aws logo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner

As cloud experts, we partner with providers like AWS as a catalyst for innovation, growth and scale. We harness AWS's horsepower and comprehensive suite of cloud services and global infrastructure to drive continuous value and support to our clients.
From scalable web applications to AI-powered solutions, AWS provides the flexibility, reliability, and agility needed to meet the dynamic demands of today's fast-moving organizations. Our partnership with AWS not only enables us to build and support leading-edge solutions but also empowers us to drive business success for our clients on a global scale. With AWS as our trusted ally, we're confident in our ability to tackle even the most complex challenges and deliver exceptional results.
Google Cloud Logo

Google Cloud

Our partnership with Google Cloud equips us with the modern tools and services that facilitate innovation, scale and rapid development while still controlling costs. From cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities to robust data analytics solutions, Google Cloud provides the scalable infrastructure and advanced features necessary to tackle complex technological challenges without breaking the bank. With its global network of data centers and rigorous security protocols, we can ensure the reliability and security of our clients' applications, enabling them to thrive in today's digital landscape.
temporal logo

Temporal Durable Execution

Temporal is the industry leader in durable execution. The company offers a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes workflow orchestration and enables us to build resilient, scalable, and fault-tolerant applications. With Temporal's powerful framework and our strong partnership, we can seamlessly manage complex workflows, handle state management effortlessly, and ensure fault tolerance in the face of system failures.
This partnership empowers TechFabric to deliver robust solutions that meet the dynamic needs of our clients, allowing them to innovate with confidence and drive business growth. With Temporal as our ally, we can unlock new possibilities and push the boundaries of what's possible in software development, delivering bulletproof applications and exponential value to our clients.
ASFAI logo

American Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASFAI)

Partnering with the American Society of Artificial Intelligence (ASFAI) is a milestone for TechFabric. Our CEO, Preetham Reddy, has been recognized as an industry pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence space and was inducted into ASFAI in 2023.
ASFAI brings together top minds and cutting-edge research in the field of artificial intelligence, enabling us to stay at the forefront of innovation and deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients. Through this partnership, we gain access to invaluable resources, including the latest advancements in AI technology, best practices, and knowledge sharing with industry leaders. This partnership not only enhances our technical capabilities but also solidifies our position as leaders in AI-driven software development and solutions.
Databricks logo


Databricks provides an unparalleled platform for unified data analytics and AI, empowering us to unlock the full potential of our data-driven solutions. With Databricks' advanced technologies and tools we can seamlessly integrate data processing, machine learning, and advanced analytics into our applications, enabling us to derive actionable insights and drive informed decision-making.
This partnership allows us to harness the power of big data and AI in a scalable and efficient manner, revolutionizing the way we build and deploy software solutions. With Databricks as our partner, we can deliver innovative, data-driven solutions that propel our clients' businesses forward and set new standards for excellence in the industry.
insight works logo

Insight Works

To best serve our supply chain clients and vertical, we’ve partnered with Insight Works, an innovator in the ERP and manufacturing systems space. Insight Works offers a suite of solutions tailored to the needs of manufacturers and distributors, empowering us to deliver effective, flexible software solutions that drive operational efficiency and business growth.
With Insight Works' industry expertise and comprehensive range of tools, including warehouse management, manufacturing execution, and advanced analytics, we can develop customized solutions that address our clients' unique challenges and deliver tangible results. With Insight Works as our partner, we can unlock new opportunities, accelerate innovation, and deliver unparalleled value to our clients.