Staff Augmentation

With IT now mission-critical for every business, the days of traditional dev staffing are over. It's time to start co-innovating.

Hand-Picked, Expertly Groomed Co-Innovators Ready to Move

Get instant access to skilled IT talent - hand-selected, fully qualified, road-tested, and ready to get started today. The experts you need, available when you need them:
  • Hand-Selected & Trained by Experts
  • Fully Qualified, Tested & Proven Specialists
  • Architect, Senior & Mid-Strong Levels
  • Time-Zone, Regionally Aligned
  • Trained in Culture of Innovation
  • High-Level Communication Skills
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Teams
Placement retention rate for augmented team members
Of clients add additional developers
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On-Demand and Always Scalable

Move to a more flexible IT staffing model. Get the agility you’ve been looking for.
Our teams are designed to be available on-demand and scale up or down as needed. You only pay for the resource time you use, we cover everything else. With TechFabric, you escape the headaches and added costs of in-house hires and gain the expertise and horsepower you need to accelerate your development.

Stop Staffing and Start Co-Innovating

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Onshore, Offshore & Hybrid Teams

We source top talent on a global scale. Our teams are spread over 15 countries with centralized development centers in tech hotspots, and headquarters in the US. Depending on your needs, we can offer onshore, offshore talent, or hybrid teams for your IT projects.
When building your team, we examine availability and rates, considering:
Time Zones
Team Collaboration
Global offices supporting time zone collaboration:
USA - Phx

Hire a Specialist, Gain an Army of Experts 

When you engage TechFabric, you aren’t just getting a crack resource. You’re gaining access to an army of experts.  
Today you may need a database architect, but tomorrow a QA automation engineer. From systems to data to automation to artificial intelligence, there aren’t many technologies, toolsets, and platforms we don’t specialize in. Whatever the need or challenge, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got a stable of specialists waiting in the wings to support you. 
Army of workers
mobile technologies
Our mobile experts support various app and dev frameworks:
Microsoft Power BI
Google Analytics
.NET Core
Power Automate
QA Automation
platforms & Technology
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Design Systems
UX Research
UI & Interaction Design
Snowflake Data Warehouse
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Data Factory

You’ll Forget We’re the “Outsource” Team

We’re not just another development resource, we’re co-innovating and co-creating directly with your existing teams
Our specialists work hand-in-hand with yours, acting and communicating like a cohesive team without the headaches of managing additional in-house resources.
The better we understand your business, the more effectively we collaborate:
  • Greater Efficiency & Faster Delivery
  • Continuous Increase in ROI
  • A Partnership That Scales

Why Partner With Us?

Discover why companies turn to TechFabric to drive digital growth -- learn how we team up, collaborate, and co-innovate with our clients to surpass goals, scale real business value, and achieve second-to-none results.
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