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The days of traditional app development have ended. Crafting the right product experience means moving to a modern design thinking approach.

Human-Centric Innovation

Successful products don’t start with technology, they start with humans. Whether we’re solving a business problem or developing a new customer experience, everything we create is ultimately designed for, and used by, humans. When combined with design thinking, and iterative methodology, this principle allows us to tailor our solutions directly to end-user goals and land in their sweet spot from the first release.
Design Thinking Infographic
Far more than business analysts, our product teams include:
Expert Strategists
Experience Architects
UX Specialists
Front-End Engineers
This cross-discipline approach allows us to rapidly ideate, design, and validate to ensure we are always on track to deliver real value.
If you are struggling to find the right path for your next product, let us show your team a modern development approach that includes:
  • Design thinking, user-focused approach
  • Rapid learning, ideation, and innovation
  • Human-centered experience development
  • Ongoing customer feedback cycles
  • Scaling up value with every iteration
Right Strategy, Right Product 

Right Strategy, Right Product 

Success and scalability depend on building the right products, which starts with an innovative product strategy. How your business operates is unlike any other. The software you develop, deploy, and use must meet those specific needs and challenges, it’s mission-critical.  

Our experienced product masterminds know how to craft and architect strategies and leverage our proven process to generate the right outcomes, every time. Stop hoping you’re on the right track. Work with experts to put a modern strategy in place to know you’re on the path to success and scale. 
Business & Industry Analysis
An in-depth look at the competitive landscape
Market Research
Heuristic industry analysis and segment development
User & Audience Profiling
Target demographics and user persona development
Process & Pain Point Mapping
Product auditing to identify areas of improvement
UX Research & Design
Design systems based on strategy and user testing
Proof of Concepts
Assumption validation through user feedback loops
Product Roadmapping
Full timeline and feature roadmap development
Re-Platforming & Migration
Strategic planning for migration to modern platforms and systems

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Experience Design & UX Engineering 

Your digital needs are evolving and so are the expectations of your users. They may be customers, partners, or operators, but creating the right user experience will make or break the adoption and reputation of your products and applications.
Go beyond traditional design and move to a modern UX approach based on design thinking, rapid prototyping, and intensive user feedback that focuses on:
Experience Design & UX Engineering 
User Experience
• User Research
• Strategy & Development
• Ongoing Enhancements
• Feature Growth
User Interface
• Visual Design
• Design Systems
• Front-End Enablement
• Front-End Frameworks
• UI/UX Validation
• Interaction Design
• Responsive & Hybrid Mobile
• Rapid Design Iteration
• Assumption Validation
• User Testing
• Feedback Sessions
• Usage Measurement
Experts work together to deliver modern, intuitive interfaces that delight, engage, convert, and scale.
Expert Strategists
Experience Architects
UX Specialists
UI Designers
Front-End Engineers
Architecture Built To Scale 

Architecture Built To Scale 

No matter how good the front-end experience is, applications without the right architecture will struggle to grow. With the myriad of options available, selecting the right architecture, tech stack, frameworks, and development approach is no easy task.
This is where our architecture teams can help, partnering with you to take products from idea to revenue, cutting time-to-market while delivering superior experiences that grow with your business. We’ll show you a modern architectural approach that includes: 
  • Technology strategy & roadmaps
  • Micro-services based architecture
  • Containerization of services
  • Serverless applications
  • Resiliency testing & monitoring
  • DevOps & security optimization

Re-Platforming & Legacy Modernization 

Using human-centered design, the latest development frameworks, deep user analysis, and feedback loops, we specialize in turning outmoded applications into market-leading products. Working with our re-platforming teams, you’ll convert your struggling legacy applications into modern experiences that recapture customers, reinvigorate audiences, and drive new growth.
When it’s time to modernize and re-platform, TechFabric experts are ready with:
Re-Platforming & Legacy Modernization 
Architecture & Roadmapping
Legacy-To-Modern strategy and planning
Redesigned User Experiences
Re-imagined user flows that increase user efficiency
Design Systems & Frameworks
Updated design patterns, interfaces, and front-end frameworks
Modern M.A.C.H & Data
New Architecture and data management approaches
Rapid Development
An in-depth look at measurable development, testing, and reporting the competitive landscape
Ongoing Maintenance
Feature and system enhancements with continuous support
case study - Vehicle Repossession

Transforming for the Vehicle
Repossession Industry

Up To 30%
Increase on recovery rates
Azure DevOps • SQL Server • Azure Blob Storage • Azure Blob Storage • Applications Insights (APM)
Case Study

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