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AZP Multifamily

Founded in 1987, AZP Multifamily (formerly AZ Partsmaster) started in a home garage with limited products. Originally serving apartment owners, AZP soon broadened its customer base to include cities and municipalities, introducing custom fabrication to meet evolving needs.

Tech Stack & Solutions

Product & Experience Strategy
UI/UX Design
Design Systems
Front-End Development
Backend Systems Support
Microsoft Power BI
Google Analytics
Lavarel PHP
Concrete CMS
Symfony Framework
Postgres / MySQL
Epicor “P21” ERP
LeadSmart CRM
Azure Cloud
Azure Data Factory
Azure Blob Storage
Snowflake Data Warehouse
Optimize a dated ERP to become more data-driven
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Use better BI to transform and improve engagement
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Create a new ERP and implement Power BI
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Better customer experience with improved data insights
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From Family-Driven To Data-Driven

Guided by a dedication to customer service, AZP Multifamily aimed to modernize through cloud technology, anticipating and meeting customer needs in today's challenging supply-chain landscape. Seeking increased online engagement and personalized experiences, the family-owned company partnered with TechFabric to undergo digital transformation while preserving its renowned service. Choosing Epicore Profit 21 (P21) ERP, TechFabric optimized the system for performance and specificity.
Key Areas To Remedy:
Aging ERP System
Lack Of Data Platform & Analytics
Sub-Optimal Online Engagement
Lack Of Business Intelligence Strategy
Need For Data-Driven Approach With Customers

Reimagine The AZP Digital Experience

After ideating on the right strategy and approach we determined that developing a hybrid model with Azure components around a Snowflake data warehouse was the right direction for AZP.
The combination of Azure and Snowflake met the goal for executing frequent, complex queries, gaining deep analytical insights, utilizing machine learning, and augmenting digital personalization capabilities. The first step for TechFabric was to map out and build a working prototype to ingest all of the analytical data.
AZP Multifamily Website services

Initiating Transformation With Customer Engagement

TechFabric started with new measures and improvements in the customer experience. Improving the customer experience and refining the engagement was the catalyst for better data. This was a necessary step and piece of the transformation to help AZP become more data-driven.
When a customer logs in, the website recognizes the visitor right away and the “recommendation engine” will surface the data on past purchases and alert the customer which items may need replenishing based on what they know of item longevity. The entire “buy again” function is highly personalized. The visitor might even get a message saying, “Hey Bob, looks like your front office is running low on toilet paper.” It might also include a special limited-time marketing promotion.
AZP Multifamily Website
Solution - Business Insights

Power BI: Actionable Insights & Personalization

In the realm of digital transformation, effective handling of data is paramount. Accessing and utilizing the right data not only shapes strategic planning but also elevates customer satisfaction. Power BI stands as a powerful tool, enabling the creation of dynamic visualizations from P21 ERP and various data sources to disseminate crucial business insights.
AZP focused on enhancing reporting capabilities by integrating diverse data into a centralized warehouse, serving as a playground for data scientists. Exploring property details beyond core business data, AZP gained insights like pool types, enabling personalized product offerings, anticipatory reorder strategies, and targeted marketing planning based on restocking schedules and seasonal trends.
AZP Multifamily Website Products
Solution - engagement

Centering The Customer Experience

With the new online engagement enhancements, AZP was able to put product availability front and center. Item availability is sourced from the ERP providing visibility into forecasting and replenishment. If they’re managing multiple properties, data specific to that property is also made available.
Their BI isn’t just looking at their ERP, it’s looking at data assets from marketing, sales, Google, supply chain, and elsewhere in a centralized environment so it can be better analyzed. From here data serving specific audiences can be pulled and communicated out in dashboards custom-built for each audience.
We crafted dashboards for internal users to leverage metrics and data signals to enhance AZP's customer personalization.
Dashboards: A Key Component
Executive Dashboard
Caters to a KPI-savvy audience, providing insights on cash conversions and sales performance against goals.
Sales Dashboard
Provided signals for yearly, monthly, and daily progress relative to goals, and identified top-performing margins.
Marketing Dashboard
Insights to understand website trends, promo usage, and shopping behaviors by consolidating KPI data from sources like Google Analytics and ERP.

Using Data for Market Share Analysis

Marketing and Sales often inquire about the company's total market share in a specific region and the available market opportunities. A data warehouse serves as an excellent repository for stable information. By incorporating regional data owned by AZP and establishing pipelines from various real estate market data aggregators, comprehensive industry data for the entire nation can be stored until required. This approach ensures accurate responses to marketing and sales inquiries while providing essential information for decision-making when exploring new markets with company leadership.
Completely transformed ERP for improved engagement
Power BI
Created a data-driven culture with better sales insights

What the client had to say about the project.

FTM Logo
Darren Rawson
“Fantastic work. I like what they were able to accomplish with our website, particularly in the direction of data management reporting. Incomparable. So great. Great deliverables, really impressed.”
key takeaway

Looking Ahead

AZP recognized the initial value in its existing data and continues to unearth more insights as it delves into its data pool. They are enthusiastic about the prospect of incorporating additional data sources to create an entirely new experience on the AZP Multifamily website. The collaboration between AZP and TechFabric employs agile methods, continuously exploring and integrating information in the data warehouse to enhance the presentation of products and services, allowing ongoing ideation and improvement. Despite early successes, both AZP and TechFabric believe they are only scratching the surface of this project.

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