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TechFabric Wins New Comparably Leadership Award 2024

As rated by our own employees, TechFabric adds Best Leadership Teams to our 2024 Comparably Awards trophy case! What is unique about our partnership with Comparably, is that this employee-focused feedback helps us and helps us assess and improve our company culture and values. We at TechFabric value Hard Work, Performance, Work-Life Balance, Diversity of Thought, Openness, and Humility.

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TechFabric is ranked Top 5% in Leadership

We are pleased that our employees hold our Leadership Teams in high regard. This is a testament to the great leadership that guides TechFabric. This feedback was collected on how employees rated their CEO, leadership teams, and direct managers. The transparent and effective communication and support is appreciated by TechFabric employees. The leadership team's commitment to empowering employees and providing the necessary support for personal and professional growth is truly commendable. The communication style at TechFabric fosters a sense of trust and unity within our organization.

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100% of Product team employees feel their managers care about them as a person

But this leadership not only comes from upper management, but each employee, no matter what their role--from Engineering to Product to QA to Design to Ops to Leadership--we all take ownership in our work and the value that we bring to our clients. We find great joy in helping our clients solve their business problems as efficiently as possible using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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What is most positive about the culture and environment at TechFabric

We're always on the lookout for great talent. To learn more about our culture and career opportunities at TechFabric, visit our Culture & Careers page. Join us as we continue our journey of growth, innovation, and success together!


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