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AmTab crafts contemporary, engaging ProSocial environments and experiences through furniture and signage graphics. From design to furnishing, they supply social gathering furnishings for schools, business complexes, and sports and recreation venues.

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Product & Experience Strategy
UI/UX Design
NOP Commerce
MS Dynamics 365 CRM
Backend Systems Support
Power Automate
MS Azure Databases
Adapt and implement new ERP solutions and architecture
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Transform isolated systems into modern architecture
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Create a new ecosystem for an ERP, CRM, and Storefront
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More efficiency through a new data-driven culture
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From Legacy To Efficiency

Embracing change is a complex journey, especially when implementing ERP systems like AmTab manufacturing did during the pandemic. Rapid growth led to thriving profits, but the strain on back-office operations exposed inefficiencies in legacy systems. This highlights the common trigger of rapid growth prompting organizations to adopt ERP solutions for streamlined processes and improved decision-making.
Key Areas To Remedy:
Lack of ERP solutions
Architecture Not Slated For Growth
Automation For Organizational Processes
In-efficient Operations Due to Dated Systems

ERP To The Rescue

ERP systems hold the promise of increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction and can be an absolute game changer to an organization’s ability to scale and successfully meet demand.
Not many digital transformation shops can handle various ERP solutions, but they all revolve around one thing: lots of data. TechFabric typically leans towards Microsoft technologies for their flexibility and scalability. However, In AmTab's case, they went with Business Central for its flexibility, customization options, and seamless integration – qualities that made it the perfect fit for AmTab.
AmTab Erp sytem

Building An Ecosystem

AmTab had big plans—it wanted to revamp its entire system. This included getting a new ERP system for the backend, a fancy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and a sleek online store (front end). We went with NOP Commerce for the AmTab website and store because it's super customizable. Customers can easily pick colors, and seating options, and tweak all sorts of design elements. NOP Commerce is user-friendly, works in the cloud, and lets us make it uniquely ours. With TechFabric's quick adjustments, we integrated specific AmTab business functions into the website. This not only boosted productivity but also increased customer satisfaction.
AmTab Solution
Solution - Operations

Faster Workflows

Another necessity was shifting the office productivity suite to the cloud. Microsoft technologies are powerful, and a noteworthy feature is the "cool factor" that comes with enabling any Microsoft cloud product, like Office 365. Once activated, you get a single sign-on for the entire ecosystem you're building. This might seem small, but it's a significant usability boost and time-saver. TechFabric was establishing an ecosystem where none existed before, aligning with AmTab's goal of reducing order turnaround time. Every decision made had to align with and contribute to that goal.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 enhances workflow, automates inter-departmental processes, minimizes errors, and streamlines operations. It consolidates all customer data, project registrations, customer information, discounts, and marketing/sales-related data, providing valuable insights for crafting effective strategies. For instance, utilizing customer data allows showcasing businesses within a state that have previously purchased solutions from AmTab as a compelling sales tactic.
AmTab Solution
Solution - automation

Keeping The Sales Team And Data Synched

The old system lacked automation, relying on paper and spreadsheets for business processes. Implementing digital transformation is a significant roadmap spanning 12-24 months. The initial step involves fostering a new mindset to prepare processes for integration and automation without disrupting operations.
Microsoft Business Central plays a pivotal role as the central system for code submissions through the website, seamlessly connecting CRM and ERP. The AmTab sales team utilizes Business Central to update codes, adjust prices, and convert quotes to orders upon customer approval, followed by invoice creation.
Data flows from NOP to CRM to ERP, facilitated bidirectionally through Microsoft Power Automate flows just below the system's layer. Power Automate ensures data synchronization between databases, offering a simple, low-code solution. Customer actions can trigger workflows, such as emails or promo codes, with the data seamlessly moving to another system for the next process step.
AmTab Solution

Data Versatility

Microsoft Azure offered the flexibility to migrate to various storage options, a feature TechFabric utilized with Azure's blob storage for its versatility and user-friendliness. This functionality is crucial, allowing direct serving of images/documents to the browser. Within Business Central, the AmTab solution oversees and synchronizes three separate databases continuously.
The upgrade will not only make the system faster but will also boost AmTab teams' productivity by providing a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences, making it easier to identify trends. A significant advantage of Power BI is its ability to empower organizations of all sizes to foster data-driven cultures. This ensures decisions are grounded in tangible, trusted, and auditable information rather than intuition or guesswork.
Blob Storage
Provided a versatile database improving maintenance
Power BI
Created a data-driven culture with better sales insights
key takeaway

Modern Tech Helps Extract Value From Data

TechFabric has collaborated with a wide range of clients, focusing extensively on operational aspects. This diverse experience in streamlining processes provides the team with a distinctive perspective, enabling them to tackle implementation, customization, and optimization simultaneously. The staff adopts a deeply collaborative approach when working with clients. This extensive experience has laid a robust foundation, fostering a unique understanding of AmTab’s business operations, process optimization, and the effective integration and leverage of modern technology to enhance processes and extract value from data.

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