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Effective API Development Strategies Automate Business Processes, Safely Connect Data, and Eliminate Manual Work (and the Risk that comes with it).  Your API portfolio is what brings value to your business and can unlock business capabilities.
APIs at their core do three things:
Process requests and perform actions on data
Format data (typically using JSON)
Serve data to consumers

Software integration

Key to systems integration is implementing an effective API-led connectivity approach.

 In doing so, organizations reduce time spent on integrating different systems within their organizations and realize tangible benefits that permeate the entire organization. The ripple effect caused by the efficiencies can result in growing revenues, increased customer satisfaction and the ability to do things which were previously unachievable.

Robust APIs

Most modern applications rely on robust APIs to get the data they need to function properly.

Most modern applications rely on robust APIs to get the data they need to function properly. In order to have an effective omnichannel experience, it’s very important to standardize on the API contracts that act as a common interface for communication between different systems and make them easy to maintain, adopt and consume. APIs that are intuitive and standardized, drive adoption and innovation among developers.

Strategic direction of the business.

APIs evolve for a variety of reasons including business policy changes or the failure to meet specific business objectives, improved process efficiency, integration issues, the need for more features, or a change in the strategic direction of the business. Having a robust deprecating strategy can mitigate breaking changes and prepare your business to evolve with the changing needs of customers.

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