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The decision to automate is a strategic one – how you tactically go about implementing that automation is another matter -- one that has the potential to frustrate digital transformation efforts.

Developing integrations

Traditional approaches to automation often involved writing software to automate manual tasks, writing a one-off application for performing some task or developing integrations with other external systems without an overarching strategy to guide outcomes.

Providing important value to your customers

This approach doesn’t work well because the end result is a patchwork quilt of many systems that don’t talk to each other, or systems that duplicate the same functionality etc., resulting in a level of complexity that is fragile and hard to maintain. It leads to technical debt, it hinders agility and it makes introducing new processes very expensive. All of these conspire to prevent your organization from providing important value to your customers.

Digital transformation through API-led connectivity

To meet the needs of today’s online customers, there is a need to modernize legacy applications and expose their functionality through a common set of APIs.  Organizations must embrace this new approach to business automation by leveraging the power of APIs to unlock data from backend systems, and then provide governed access to the data for various stakeholders to ensure security.  

This new approach, and digital transformation through API-led connectivity, drive efficiencies and provide new business opportunities at unprecedented scale. By decentralizing business automation, you’re giving the power to individual teams within an organization to control the data that pertains to their department and be a single source of truth for the data they control.  

In the modern world of commerce, huge disruption is in progress.

With the advent of machine learning and AI, the practical application to e-commerce systems is paramount to:

Product recommendations
Fraud detection in transactions
Product Inventory

TechFabric provides end to end solutions for these and other critical e-commerce components which have proven to effectively scale operations.

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