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Serverless is not just functions

Serverless refers to capabilities offered by a cloud platform without requiring you to provision virtual machines or installing any software. Serverless is the abstraction of servers, but that’s just the beginning of the value that building a serverless computing solution provides.

A fully managed service

When you build serverless apps you don’t need to provision and manage any servers so you can take your mind off infrastructure concerns. Serverless computing is driven by the reaction to events and triggers happening in near-real-time—in the cloud. As a fully managed service, server management and capacity planning are invisible to the developer and billing is based just on resources consumed or the actual time your code is running.

Lower infrastructure and operating costs

There are lots of use cases that can take advantage of Serverless Paradigms to build modern robust, reactive applications:

Notifications Engine that sends Email, Text and Push Notifications to your customers when something changes in your system.
Business Processes that get triggered by a certain event
IoT Applications

Virtually Any process that can be asynchronously processed can take advantage of a Serverless Programming Model.

Solving business problems

TechFabric can help you take advantage of innovative serverless programming models that simplify your business applications and enable you to focus on solving business problems, rather than repetitive infrastructure management.

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