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“TechFabric Flow” is the development process we designed to help digitally transform our clients.
Step 1 - Discovery

Framing the problem

The discovery phase will typically start with one or more meetings to kick things off. This allows us to:
Client industry

Understand our client’s industry, business operations, digital strategy, customer or user needs, and the overall goal of the project.

Industry standards

Learn about existing systems, operations, implementation details, and industry standards. This allows us to consume your business for knowledge and identify possible areas to improve or automate during the project development.

Understanding your goal

It is imperative that we fully understand your goal. That is why we start from a high level overview and work our way down. This discovery will lay the ground work for the core scenarios and user requirements that will be needed to accurately forecast the development effort, necessary team resources, and overall scope of the project. This will also allow the client to understand what is possible based on budget and projected timeline.

Step 2 - Requirement

Define the scope

The requirements phase allows us to accurately scope the project, understand the clients expectations, and come to an agreement.
Minimum Viable Product

We work with the client to define their “MVP” or minimum viable product. This allows us to focus first on the clients important priorities first and deliver realistic estimations.

Full documented

The requirements are fully documented so that the client and TechFabric are fully aware of the project scope and alleviates any confusion before a single line of code is written.


A Project Manager is assigned and will work closely with the clients Product Owner. This partnership will be the main contact between TechFabric and the client. The documentation and issue tracking will be managed by both the individuals. This interaction is the driving force behind our tech partnership.

Step 3 - Design

Design the solution

This is the experimental part of the process that allows the client to see how the project will bring real value to their business.
Mental Models

Our seasoned designers will examine the requirements and “digest them for knowledge”. We then conduct research to understand the clients competitive landscape. This will help the designs stay consistent with current “mental models” within the industry.

UX Design

Our approach to UX design is systematic yet is often tailored to the needs of our clients. We typically start off by holding ideation sessions that will drive the user flow for the app.

UX approach

We then start to wireframe the UI, conduct usability testing to validate our assumptions, and identify issues with the UX approach.

Design system

After the wireframes are completed and tested, we will then begin building high fidelity mockups and prototypes. The designer will work with the client to solidify a “design system” that will persist across the entire application. Visual aesthetics and graphic artifacts will begin to take shape as well. All of these elements come together to form a real look at what will become the application itself.

Step 4 - Build

Continuous Delivery

Our team will continuously deliver project features through “agile sprints” while making course corrections along the way.

TechFabric will form a development team that will consist of a UI/UX designer, front-end and back-end developers, a database and cloud architect, and a dedicated project manager.

Agile Scrum

We follow the “Agile Scrum” method of development which allows the product owner to know and understand the status of the project at anytime. We manage it all with modern issue tracking tools.

Project completion

The product owner will dictate the acceptance criteria and our project manager will steer the ship towards project completion. QA is built right into the process to assure that deliverables are tested and feature complete.

Step 5 - Deploy

Beyond the build

Before we deliver the final product. Our QA team tests the application from end-to-end to ensure the products reliability.

The TechFabric Delivery Process ensures the best possible version 1.0 of your product. As real users start to use your solution, a new opportunity for value creation begins.

Succes metriccs

By capturing detailed usage data, sending it to an analytics server and computing success metrics, the impact of your app can be measured. By implementing a build-measure-learn process, you can run experiments that provide hard data that guide your priorities.


A continuous deployment strategy shortens cycle times and reduces your costs, thus establishing an efficient, continuous learning and innovation business process.

Step 6 - Train

Delivery Plus training

At the end of our engagement we ensure that your internal team can continue to implement the work required on your delivery project.

We set you up for success by coaching your team on best practices so they have a solid foundation to meet your objectives.

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