Building secure & compliant innovations for healthcare & medical partners

Navigating HIPAA compliance and other regulations is difficult. This requires an experienced tech partner with an advanced skillset to help guide you navigate your digital transformation journey.
Special areas of expertise include
  • Apps are built with services packaged in containers
  • The containers are deployed as microservices
  • Then managed on elastic infrastructure through agile DevOps
  • Continuous delivery workflows take care of the rest
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Industry Solutions

We innovate by tailoring technology solutions to your industry specific needs
Microservices & APIs

Microservices focus on specific problems and allow your business to narrow the scope of your code and not the size.

Web & mobile apps

Cloud-native apps will minimize infrastructure overhead and manual efforts.

AI, IoT, & Machine Learning

Get continuous performance and automation through the use of new intelligent technologies built to reduce operational costs.

Human Centered Design

We are passionate and methodical about including the human perspective into the solutions we designed.

DevOps & Infrastructure

We used modern DevOps practices to provided a shorter development life cycle and deliver rich features quickly.

Big Data & Analytics

We in provide scalable analytics solutions to give clients game changing strategy and insights from big data analytics.

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