Fintech solutions from certified experts

We approach Financial Technology with a deep understanding  of the industry.  Our innovative fintech products have scaled some of the largest and fastest growing loan operations in the USA.
Special areas of expertise include
  • Custom software and CRM development
  • Business Workflow and robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Machine learning, AI, and natural language processing (NLP)
  • Disaster recovery, compliance, and security
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Financial Industry Solutions

We innovate by tailoring financial technology solutions with cutting edge programming paradigms built on the worlds most advanced cloud platform.
Microservices & APIs

Microservices focus on specific problems and allow you to narrow the scope of your code and not the size.

Web & mobile apps

Cloud-native apps minimize infrastructure overhead and manual efforts of any Fintech platform.

AI, IoT, & Machine Learning

Our certified experts achieve performance and automation through the use of new intelligent technologies built to reduce operational costs for financial oriented operations.

Human Centered Design

We are passionate and methodical about including the human perspective into the custom solutions we deliver.

DevOps & Infrastructure

We used modern DevOps practices to provided a shorter development life cycle and deliver rich features quickly.  TechFabric customers report 60% faster time to market.

Big Data & Analytics

Certified experts provide scalable analytics solutions to give clients game changing strategy and insights from big data analytics.  Let us show you how.

Let’s Start the Conversation

If your looking to build a new web or mobile app, Fintech custom solution, or simply scale your technology, improve your customer’s online experience, integrate with other systems or overcome unique business challenges, we want to hear from you.

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